10 Point Grading Scale Q & A

What is the 10 point grading scale?

The 10 point grading scale uses these grade assignments:

90 – 100:  A

80 – 89:   B

70 – 79: C

60 – 69:  D

0 – 59:  F

When does it take effect?

The 10 point grading scale begins with the fall semester of 2012-13

Will it be applied retroactively?

No.  Only grades beginning with the fall semester of 2012-2013 will be calculated according to the new scale.

How will colleges and universities know that a change in the grading scale occurred beginning with the 2012-2013 school year?

Our high schools will include this information as part of the school profile that is sent along with every transcript.

Can we show the numeric grades on transcripts?

The electronic transcript specifications from the Virginia Department of Education do not contain a field for a numeric grade value. We can only submit letter grades.


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  • jhill says:

    Though it would seem logical that A’s would be easier to achieve, this may not necessarily be the case. For instance, some teachers may change their grading procedures, raise expectations in their classes, etc. as a result of the new grading scale. One teacher might read a paper and consider it to be an A-, for example. With the previous grading scale, she might score this as a 94. But now she might score it as a 90. Another teacher might give a 25 question test. With the previous scale, he might count each incorrect answer as 3 points off. With the new grading scale he might count each incorrect answer as 4 points off. Grading remains up to the teacher’s prerogative. In summary, it is likely that we will see some increase in grades but the extent to which this happens is uncertain.

  • Anonymous says:

    Will the new grading scale make getting a higher grade, such as an a, easier than it currently is?