Thursday, October 2, 2014

Welcome, PreK Cubs!

On August 21, our student body was completed with the addition of our littlest cubs.  The pre-kindergarten students’ day was full of firsts as they learned the Cub Run way – from bus rides to cafeteria meals to the playground, rug time, bathroom breaks, and rest.

Mr. Boyers’ REFI Lemonade Challenge

The Rockingham Educational Foundation, Inc. (REFI) is an organization that supports learning by securing financial contributions and educational resources that benefit RCPS students and teachers.

Mr. Boyers ended the first day of school by challenging Cub Run faculty and staff to his “REFI Lemonade Challenge.”



The First Day of School

On Tuesday, August 19, we welcomed 593 new and returning students in kindergarten through fifth grade to Cub Run.  Check out a slideshow of some of the day’s many memorable moments below.





We are ready!

The pencils are sharpened, the cubbies are empty, the desks are waiting.  We are ready for our cubs!


Welcome Back!

Cub Run faculty and staff are back in the building, getting things ready to kick off a new school year!.


One of the new things we are excited about is our new presence on the internet!  Give us a “like” at: to follow our announcements and school information.

Cub Run Elementary Library Summer Reading

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We’re Mad for Math!

Our Cub Run cubs have been working extra hard with math this year.  Check out some of the things we have been up to!

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Mark Your Calendars for Mayfest!


It’s An SOL Fiesta!

Students and families in grades 3-5 participated in an evening of fun and learning for Cub Run’s “SOL Fiesta.” Families learned ways to help students prepare for the tests, including some review games and strategies. The night concluded with a festive piñata, which proved harder to crack than the SOLs themselves!

The SOL test schedule for CRES is as follows:

Monday, May 12: 5th grade science / 4th grade SS

Tuesday, May 13: 3rd grade reading, part 1

Wednesday, May 14: 3rd grade reading, part 2

Thursday, May 15: 4th grade reading

Friday, May 16: 5th grade reading

Monday, May 19: 3rd grade science

Tuesday, May 20: 5th grade math, part 1

Wednesday, May 21: 5th grade math, part 2

Thursday, May 22: 4th grade math, part 1

Friday, May 23: 4th grade math, part 2

Tuesday, May 27: 3rd grade SS

Wednesday, May 28: 5th grade SS

Thursday, May 29: 3rd grade math, part 1

Friday, May 30: 3rd grade math, part 2 / 4th grade science / makeup tests

If you have testing questions, please contact your child’s teacher or one of our two testing coordinators, Linda Hirw ( or Kari Miller (

Do Your Best on the Test

SOL testing “season” is approaching and in a short time students in 4th and 5th grade will be taking their SOL Writing tests. These tests are taken in March, followed by Reading, Math, Science, and Social Studies tests for 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders in May.

While SOL tests are important and we want all our Cubs to do their best, we also know they can cause stress and nerves. If your child feels anxious about upcoming tests, here are some tips to help you both:

* Talk about it. Stress relief can often come from just discussing feelings. Ask your child how they feel about testing and really listen to what they say.

* Be positive! Teachers at Cub Run have been working hard all year to help your learn. Chances are, you know a lot more than you think you do!

* Follow practical tips to prepare for the big day. Eat a good breakfast, get plenty of sleep, and wear comfortable clothes. Testing days can be long, and we want you at your best!

If you still feel nervous, remember that our Cub Run teachers, guidance counselors, and testing coordinators are here to help! You CAN rock the SOL!