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iPad iOS v4 & 5: Multitasking: turn off the apps

When you double-click on the “Home” button you will see a new list of apps running horizontally at the bottom of your screen. These apps are frozen, not actually running in the background. However they are taking memory space, if your iPad is getting sluggish you should consider closing those apps. You do this by resting your finger on the apps you wish to quit using. In this view you will notice that a red circle with a minus symbol appears. Just tap on the this red circle to turn off all apps.

iPad iOS v4 & 5: Lock button

When you update to iPad iOS v4 the old lock button on the side of the iPad is now a sound on/off button. If you want to lock the screen orientation you need to double-click on the “Home” button. You will see a new view list of apps. These are apps that are in the new “multitasking” mode. Swipe right on the apps to get to the first item on the list. That item to tap is the new screen lock button.

Deleting apps

When you find there is an app on your iPad you would rather not use or have visible you can delete it directly from the iPad. Rest your finger on top of the app until it shakes and an “X” appears beside it. Tap the “X”. You will get a message asking you confirm that is what you want to do.

You can also delete apps from your iPad through your computer and iTunes. Plug your iPad into your computer and click on the iPad icon. Choose the “Apps” tab at the top of the screen. You will see a screen shot of your iPad.

Take your cursor and hover over the app you wish to delete and you will see the little “X” appear. Click on the “X”.

This does not delete the app from your computer. It is still saved in the backup file. To delete an app permanently from your computer you do not need the iPad plugged in, but you will still open iTunes. From the iTunes Library choose the “Apps” icon. You will see a list of all the apps you have downloaded. Right click on the app (control+click if no right click mouse).
You will see a drop down menu with the option to delete.

Create a button for a favorite webpage.

When you are surfing the web on your iPad with Safari you can create a button of your favorite webpages by simply clicking on the bookmark icon at the top left of the iPad window.

You should see a drop down menu from which you will choose “Add to Home Screen”.

A second window appears and provides you with the option to rename the page you wish to create a hot button for on your iPad.

That’s all there is to it!