From Jenny Gibson, Math Specialist

Here are some good math apps:

• Math Sheet — good scientific calculator

• Quick Graph — great graphing calculator, will graph several equations simultaneously in 2-D or 3-D

• iFactor — good for checking one’s own work, will factor any quadratic equation

• Formulas HD — fantastic resource, lists every formula for every high school and college math course, algebra through calculus and differential equations

• Easel Algebra — good multiple-choice practice tests for all of the concepts taught in Algebra I and II; it has live tutoring available as well

• GRE Math Practice Questions — great math practice tests for both the SAT and GRE

• Snake Puzzle — great for enhancing problem-solving skills, sort-of similar to sudoku puzzles (very fun!)

• Puzzle Rings — similar to a Rubik’s cube

• Soundrop — demonstrates angles of reflection, spatial sense

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