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Free ebooks for iBook app

ePub is the format for viewing books on your iPad/iPod.  Click HERE for a list of free ebook sites.

Redeem iTunes Cards or VPP codes

Whenever you want to purchase apps for iPads or iPods you must have an iTunes Store account. This holds true for apps your department may buy for you.  Whether or not your department purchases apps for you or if you use an iTunes card you will receive a code that looks something like this:

Open iTunes on your computer. When you select iTunes Store sign in from the top right corner of the screen or click on the down arrow next to your account name if you are already signed in. You will see the option to “Redeem”.


When you click on it you will enter the code provided you by your department and iTunes Store will automatically use that code to enable you to download just the app the code was intended for. If you are redeeming an iTunes Card then the total value of the card will be reflected on the screen every time you login to iTunes.

Purchased apps will be downloaded to your iTunes Library and be added to your iPad/iPod the next time you plug it into your computer and sync. This method creates a backup file for you in case you have any problems with your iPad/iPod at any time.

If you have a wireless connection then this same process can be done directly from your iPad/iPod when you select the App Store app that was preloaded onto your device.

1-    From the bottom of the App Store app window tap on “Featured”.

2-   Scroll all the way to the bottom of the screen and select the “Redeem” button.

3-   You may be directed to sign into your iTunes account if you aren’t already

When you add apps wirelessly the next time you sync your iPad to your computer you will want to choose from “File” on the menu bar “Transfer Purchases”. This will create a backup file of all the contents on your iPad once you finally select “Sync” from the bottom right hand corner of the iTunes window.

Home button not responding?

Joe Hill writes:  “I was having trouble with the Home button not doing anything on my new iPad2 and wondered if anyone else was, too.  Online I found this post on  It worked for me.

I undocked Safari from the bottom of the screen and rebooted my iPad. It instantly started working flawlessly! I ran it pushing the button often and it never missed! Single clicks, double clicks it’s been working perfectly. I tried the same thing for my iPhone which was having the same issue and it also has worked perfect ever sense undocking safari, rebooting, and then it was safe to put safari back to the original location! So far all of the clicks to the home button have worked!”

“My app keeps crashing”

This is not unusual. Double click on your home button. Rest your finger on the app’s icon until it shakes and you see a red circle with a minus sign inside. Tap the circle and that icon disappears. This will reset that app and should now work just fine. If not, then hold the home button and the on/off button down at the same time until you see a white Apple icon appear. This will reset the whole iPad.

Syncing Photos

To sync photos or music you do indeed go through iTunes.
1- Plug in your iPad.
2- Click once on the iPad icon
3- At the top of the screen you will see clickable tabs. Choose “Photos”.




4- You should see that the sync default is to sync pictures from iPhoto. If you click on that iPhoto selection you will see you will also get the option to sync your entire Photo folder from your hardrive. If you select “Choose folder” you will get the option to choose any folder or photo within your hardrive.







5- You may wish to be even more specific  if you click on “Selected albums, events…..”