Update to iOS5

Before you begin you very likely will ned to update iTunes. You should also be advised that this particular update seems to take longer than most. You should, therefore, plan ahead to put aside a large block of time.

To begin the first thing to do is to transfer any purchases and backup your iPad:
To do this, plug in with a USB cable and allow the device to backup. If it does not automatically backup, you can right click on the iPad’s icon and name in the left side of iTunes and from the drop down menu choose “backup”. You will also see from that drop down window the option to “transfer purchases”.

From the”Summary” tab in iTunes window click on “Update” or “Check for Update”.
You may see a window that says this will erase all content. You do not need to be concerned if you did a backup of this iPad first. If you did NOT backup you should stop and do so now. Then click “Update”.

After update:
The update will take some time. When its finished be sure to look at the bottom of the screen to verify you are backing “up to this computer”
iCloud is NOT designed for institutional use. iCloud is a feature for individuals ONLY!

Check Apps:
From the iTunes window click on the “Apps” tab at the top and verify that all the apps you want to appear on the iPad are checked. If all is well click “Apply” from the bottom right of that window. Also, double check to see if there are app updates that need to be addressed. Look for a circled number by in the Library > Apps.

Manual Setup:
Disconnect your iPad from your computer and turn it on.  Follow the prompts in the windows that follow.
First, from this window select continue.

Select your wireless network then tap “Next”.

Select “Enable Location Services” (for Google Maps)

Waaay at the bottom tap on “Skip This Step”
And confirm.
From the bottom right corner of the next window choose “Agree”.

Select “Don’t Send”

Finally tap on “Start Using iPad”

Once you’ve verified everything is working the way it should you will want to use this iPad to select as the one to “Restore From Backup” if you are managing a set of iPads.  Remember if you do this then all the next iPads will be clones of this one. If there is any unique content that needs to be saved on other iPads then you would NOT “Restore From Backup” but you will need to repeat all of the steps above on each especially making sure you “Backup” before proceeding with the updates.

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  • Dennis, I just finished this process and it was so much simpler than I thought it would be, thanks to your very easy to follow instructions. Now in the process of syncing the remaining iPads in the EMS SPED iPad lab and I can’t believe how quickly it’s going once I got through the first one. It does take time, as you said, but I’m pleased with the ease of the process. Thank you for taking the time to spell everything out here! You made my day!!! :)

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