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Update to iOS5

Before you begin you very likely will ned to update iTunes. You should also be advised that this particular update seems to take longer than most. You should, therefore, plan ahead to put aside a large block of time.

To begin the first thing to do is to transfer any purchases and backup your iPad:
To do this, plug in with a USB cable and allow the device to backup. If it does not automatically backup, you can right click on the iPad’s icon and name in the left side of iTunes and from the drop down menu choose “backup”. You will also see from that drop down window the option to “transfer purchases”.

From the”Summary” tab in iTunes window click on “Update” or “Check for Update”.
You may see a window that says this will erase all content. You do not need to be concerned if you did a backup of this iPad first. If you did NOT backup you should stop and do so now. Then click “Update”.

After update:
The update will take some time. When its finished be sure to look at the bottom of the screen to verify you are backing “up to this computer”
iCloud is NOT designed for institutional use. iCloud is a feature for individuals ONLY!

Check Apps:
From the iTunes window click on the “Apps” tab at the top and verify that all the apps you want to appear on the iPad are checked. If all is well click “Apply” from the bottom right of that window. Also, double check to see if there are app updates that need to be addressed. Look for a circled number by in the Library > Apps.

Manual Setup:
Disconnect your iPad from your computer and turn it on.  Follow the prompts in the windows that follow.
First, from this window select continue.

Select your wireless network then tap “Next”.

Select “Enable Location Services” (for Google Maps)

Waaay at the bottom tap on “Skip This Step”
And confirm.
From the bottom right corner of the next window choose “Agree”.

Select “Don’t Send”

Finally tap on “Start Using iPad”

Once you’ve verified everything is working the way it should you will want to use this iPad to select as the one to “Restore From Backup” if you are managing a set of iPads.  Remember if you do this then all the next iPads will be clones of this one. If there is any unique content that needs to be saved on other iPads then you would NOT “Restore From Backup” but you will need to repeat all of the steps above on each especially making sure you “Backup” before proceeding with the updates.

Stop the iPad/iPod from opening iPhoto

If you are using a Mac computer running 10.5 you need to open iPhoto. Choose preferences from the menu bar.





From the preferences window you need to click on “General” then “Connecting camera opens”.Choose “No application”.











If you are using Apple’s OS 10.6 or higher you need to go into your applications folder and open “Image Capture”.

Plug in your iPad/iPod. From the Image Capture window select the iPad/iPod from the list that appears. At the bottom left corner of the window choose “No application” from the window “Connecting this iPad opens:”.


Backup your iPad/iPod

If, heaven forbid, you have problems with your iPad or iPod you will be relieved to know your content is safe if you have backed up your devices. Fortunately this is easy to do. Plug your device into your syncing computer. Open iTunes. Find the icon of your iPad/iPod from the left column of the iTunes screen. Right click, or control-click, on the icon. You will see a drop down menu that includes the option to “Back up”.  Select this and wait for the iPad/iPod to finish syncing. That’s all there is to it.

Be sure to backup your iPad/iPod anytime you add any new content.

Home button not responding?

Joe Hill writes:  “I was having trouble with the Home button not doing anything on my new iPad2 and wondered if anyone else was, too.  Online I found this post on  It worked for me.

I undocked Safari from the bottom of the screen and rebooted my iPad. It instantly started working flawlessly! I ran it pushing the button often and it never missed! Single clicks, double clicks it’s been working perfectly. I tried the same thing for my iPhone which was having the same issue and it also has worked perfect ever sense undocking safari, rebooting, and then it was safe to put safari back to the original location! So far all of the clicks to the home button have worked!”

“My app keeps crashing”

This is not unusual. Double click on your home button. Rest your finger on the app’s icon until it shakes and you see a red circle with a minus sign inside. Tap the circle and that icon disappears. This will reset that app and should now work just fine. If not, then hold the home button and the on/off button down at the same time until you see a white Apple icon appear. This will reset the whole iPad.

Syncing Photos

To sync photos or music you do indeed go through iTunes.
1- Plug in your iPad.
2- Click once on the iPad icon
3- At the top of the screen you will see clickable tabs. Choose “Photos”.




4- You should see that the sync default is to sync pictures from iPhoto. If you click on that iPhoto selection you will see you will also get the option to sync your entire Photo folder from your hardrive. If you select “Choose folder” you will get the option to choose any folder or photo within your hardrive.







5- You may wish to be even more specific  if you click on “Selected albums, events…..”



“session could not be started…”

I received this message from a frustrated iPad manager.

When I tried to back up iPad #10 this morning, I got the following message: “iTunes could not back up the iPad “PKVESiPad-10″ because a session could not be started with the iPad”. What do I need to do?

This is what works if you come across this issue:
1- Make sure the iPad is listed under Devices on the left side of the iTunes window.
2- From your iTunes menu bar click iTunes / Preferences then select the Devices tab.
3- If there is more then one backup file available for that iPad, delete all but one.
4- Restart your iPad.Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button until the red slider appears. Slide your finger across the slider to turn off iPad. To turn iPad back on, press and hold the Sleep/Wake until the Apple logo appears.

If after doing all these things you still have problems then you may also need to reset the firmware by holding down the home button and the on/off button at the same time. It may take 30 seconds of holding but you should see a white apple icon and scroll bar. Let this process finish and try syncing the iPad over again.

Restart your Mac.

Accidental App Purchases

Return your iTunes Store Purchases to Apple
The iTunes App store policy clearly says that you cannot cancel a purchase or receive a refund for a purchase but they are known to make exceptions if you have a valid reason.

Step 1: Locate the email receipt for your iTunes Store purchase and click the “Report Problem” link next to the app that you would like to return.

If you have deleted the email invoice that Apple sent launch iTunes.
*Login to iTunes Store.
*Click on your account ID and from the drop down menu choose “Account”.

*From the new window select “Purchase History”.

*You will see a list of all items purchased from the iTunes store.
*Open an order by clicking that arrow next to the order date and then click on “report a problem” next to the app name.

Step 2: Click the Problem drop-down menu and choose an option that best describes your problem. If you have purchased an app accidentally, choose “I inadvertently purchased this application.”
You can expect a response from Apple in the next 24-48 hours. If the support rep is satisfied with your reasoning, he’ll probably reverse the charges. Please remember that you are not entitled to a refund under the
iTunes Store Sales policy so satisfaction is not guaranteed.

The hidden “shuffle songs” feature

If you like to listen to music on your iPad and miss the “Shuffle Songs” feature you may be surprised to find that it is still included. It is just hidden. Where?

1- Launch music from your iPod icon

2- At the bottom of the screen choose the “Songs” tab

3- Go to the top of the songs list (beginning with “A”)

4- Rest your finger on a song title to highlight, but not tap on,  and drag the screen downwards

5- The “Shuffle” button is revealed. Tap and listen

Screen shots

You can take a picture or screen shot of the page or screen you are viewing on your iPad or iPod. Simply press and hold the power button down then click the home  button. You will see the screen flash white.

The screen shot is saved in your Photos app. Tap Photos and choose “Albums” from the menu bar. One of the albums is titled “Saved Photos”. Inside “Saved Photos” are all the pictures you’ve taken using the screen shot method are lodged there.