Spring Carnival Information!


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Spring Carnival Schedule

*GAMES from 4:00 – 6:30
*FOOD 4:00 – 6:30  – Outside – hot dogs, chips, drinks, popcorn, cotton candy
*FOOD – 5:30 – 7:00 -Inside -pizza, drinks, Little Debbie cakes
*Silent Auction 4:00 – 6:30
*LIVE Auction – 6:45 – until sold out- in Big Gym – Classroom Plates will be sold LIVE!

More Information below!

Special JCMES Staff Packages Up for Auction!

Mrs. Roadcap    Principal for the Day
Ms. Shearer     Assistant Principal for the Day
Mrs. Arbogast    One hour of rubber stamping and card making for 2 students.
Nurse Jones    Lunch for one week with a friend with Nurse Jones
5th grade team     Winner’s Choice!  Bowling OR a movie for 4 students with the fifth grade team
Ms. Roshi and Mrs. Osborne     One hour of kickball fun with for 10 students
4th grade team    Trip to Chuckee Cheese with the 4th grade teachers for 1 student and 2 friends.
Ms. Getz and Ms. Plogger     1.5 hours of Spring Cookie making and decorating for 1 student and two friends
Mr. Alger and Ms. Wenger    You and your class will get an extra session at the waterside during Field Day.  If it rains and we have Indoor Field Day, you and your class will get to repeat a station of your choice.
Mr. Alger and Ms. Wenger    An Afternoon of Pizza and Playing in the Gym with Mr. Alger & Ms. Wenger
Pizza Party, Bounce House, Rope Swing, and many of your other favorites
Monday, May 5th, afterschool – 4:30 for you and 3 friends
1st grade Team    You and 9 of your friends will get to stay after school with the first grade teachers for a movie and ice cream sundaes!
Ms. Ray and Mrs. Plogger    VIP treatment at the movie theatre for two. This prize will include drinks, popcorn, candy and a movie.
Mrs. Peters    Librarian for the Afternoon
2nd Grade Team    After school craft & snack with 2nd grade team for you and 4 friends.


Plinko: Board that kids will drop balls into

Sucker pull: Kids will pull a sucker from a board and will pick a toy according to the color on the sucker stick

Duck Bath: Kids pick a duck out of a pool of water and pick a prize based on what is on the bottom of the duck

Bounce House: Kids jump in an air inflated house… J

Face Painting: Kids can choose from several designs

Bean Bag Toss w/Sheet:  Sheet that has holes cut into it, and kids throw bean bags through the holes

Duke Dog Tug of War: Tug of war

Dunking Booth:

Sand Dig: Kiddie pool full of sand and kids dig for prizes that are buried

Balloon Man: Man making balloon animals

Ring Toss: Kids throw rings over 2 liter bottles

End of the Rainbow Penny Toss: Rainbow drawn with chalk and little pots on each end and kids will throw pennies into the pots

Boat Races: Kids will use straws to blow boats down a rain gutter

Fire Truck Game: Fire fighters will host game that kids race in dressing in their uniform.

Toilet Paper Toss: Kids will throw a roll of toilet paper into a toilet seat attached to the top of a cardboard box

Hay Stack Search: Four bales of hay create a square with hay in the middle and kids search through the hay in the middle for prizes

Bucket Ball Toss: Four buckets attached to a leaning pallet and kids toss ping pong balls into buckets

Estimation Jars: 2 piggy banks that have money and kids guess the amount of coins in the banks

Velcro Toss:  Kids throw balls that have Velcro onto a felt board

Water Penny Toss: Clear tote filled with water that has glasses in the bottom, kids drop pennies into the glasses

Pool Noodle Toss: Three pool noodles in circles that kids will try to toss short pool noodles through


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