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Stem & Lego Collide

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At Montevideo Middle School Mr. Heinz’s Technology Education Classes conducted a three class collaborative STEM-LEGO, VIDEO and INVENTIONS Class project. The lesson was to have 3 different classes join and work together to build, program, test, and video a Robot all the while documenting how STEM was involved.

The Inventions class designed the robot using Lego and had the concept idea using science research skills. The Video class did the video, editing and downloading using technology skills. The First lego League and STEM team set up the project and documented the stem process in the notebooks. Using math skills to program the robots path this team helped build the test robot. The Video class had to video the Robot and the parts that make up the First Lego League project Robot. The first Lego League had to build the robot and program the robot to track back and forward with out hitting the walls of the box using engineering and technology skills.

Then the STEM students had to make the signs and document notes on how engineering, math, science and technology got involved to make the project come together. This Video was a way of documenting the final run of the robot. The Project was student generated, planned, and produced to show how different teams can work together to have a greater impact if all teams use stem.

School Pictures

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School Pictures

School pictures will be taken October 1st & 2nd through PE classes. Any students who do not take PE will be photographed on October 1.

Afterschool Tutoring

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After School Tutoring

Starting on Tuesday, October 7thth we will be offering after school tutoring.  The tutoring will be held on Tuesdays and Wednesdays until 4:30 in Mrs. Roach’s room (307).  This is an opportunity for students to work on homework for all subjects and to get help with that work.  It is a good time for students to make up work from absences and to have structured time to complete homework.  Students can also get help with organization and studying.

The activity bus will be available on those evenings for students who need a ride home.  Parents are asked to pick up students promptly at 4:30.  Students without rides here by 4:30 will be put on the bus.  Please let the office know by 3:30 if you do not want your child to ride the bus.  Depending on the number of students that ride the bus, some students may not arrive home until 6:30 or 7:00.

Fall & Winter 2014-2015 Schedule

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7th-8th Grade Basketball Schedule 2014-15

School Messenger TEST (follow-up):

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School Messenger TEST (follow-up):

Yesterday we sent a test message to your cell phone to make sure all of our contact information for you is current. You should have received a text message from 684-53 that said we are testing our system, that we conducted a lockdown DRILL, and a reminder that students have a 1:00pm dismissal on Wednesday (9.24).

If you did not receive a text message today, that means we do not have your current cell phone number on file, OR, you have not “opted in” to receive messages from 684-53. If you did not receive a text message, please call Montevideo (289-3401) to make sure we have the correct cell phone number on file.  Once we can verify that your phone number is current, please send a text message to 684-53 with the letter “Y” in the content of the message so you can begin receiving texts from our school messenger system.