iPad Setup and Meraki MDM

One big fault I seem to be having with iOS deployments is that no matter how you go about it, you can’t get around without using Apple for some parts of the setup process.

As a test using Meraki as an MDM (Mobile Device Manager), you can’t install a profile with passwords, wifi settings and apps for deployment without manually configuring the iPad’s wifi connection to get online and download the Meraki profile. The setup for that is annoyingly long and makes the task of enrolling iPads en masse repetitive and drawn out. It’s only meant for the average consumer owning one iPad.

Using Apple’s Configurator, you can configure two profiles, one Apple made with the wifi password and then the Meraki with the real setup, but you can’t choose which comes first (at least not by dragging the profiles in order, maybe you can name them alphabetically).

Finally, I was able to setup the Apple  normally through the iPad, add the wifi network settings and then make a back up of that iPad and then use that default image for new iPads and finally install the Meraki profile on top of that. It will finally accept the profile through Apple Configurator or online because the wifi password is installed and working.

Sadly, it’s all moot because it seems that Meraki profiles don’t enforce their own settings and even though I chose to require a password to remove the profile, one isn’t needed and can simply be removed by the user. To top it all off, once I did that, it completely locked up the iPad’s Settings app and the whole unit had to be reset.


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Valve unveils Steam for Schools, Portal in the classroom | TekGoblin

Learning with video games!

Link: Valve unveils Steam for Schools, Portal in the classroom | TekGoblin.


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The Single iPad Classroom

The Single iPad Classroom « Elementary Ed Tech!.


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iPad Management

I’ll soon be taking over iPad deployment for Rockingham County Public Schools. As a small project, I plan to document my experiences with an already frustrating process dealing with multiple group funding, app purchasing and management as well as things like repairs.


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Using iOS apps to help treat autism

The U.S.-based organization Autism Speaks estimates there are hundreds of apps built for use on iOS devices, specifically for autism. A search of the Apple iTunes store brought more than 580 autism-related apps, while an Android Market search for autism apps yielded about 250 results.

“The more we dig, the bigger the rabbit hole is and we’re starting to think tech is a really big key for how we can develop therapies quickly,” said Marc Sirkin, vice president of social marketing and online fundraising for Autism Speaks.

Link: Using apps to help treat autism | Macworld.


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Your Day At School: Lifehacks Class

Yesterday we taught a class about a few online websites and tools that make our lives easier. Here is the Google Doc we used to present and a little info about each one. It was a quick class, just enough to peak people’s interest in the tools, not how to use them completely.

Link: YDAS – Cool Stuff


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10 Cool Google Reader ‘Send To’ Buttons You Can Use to Post Feed Content to Friends

Google Reader has changed once again, this time adding the ability to share links to other kinds of social websites like Facebook and Twitter. Now you can also add your own, with the help of this article.

10 Cool Google Reader ‘Send To’ Buttons You Can Use to Post Feed Content to Friends.


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Teachers Get Desktops Instead of Laptops

Teachers in Okaloosa County, Florida are getting all their laptop computers replaced with desktop machines. We’ve all pondered the idea of mobile laptops for teachers that they could use at home or at work and have full access to install programs and be responsible for backing up files on, but what are the benefits?

From a technology staff stand point, we don’t really care. Apple has finally created desktop iMacs and laptops that are easy to open and maintain. iBooks have 44 screws on them to remove the harddrive or optical drive; today’s iMacs have an easily removable glass pane and a few screws and MacBooks are also a few screws from removing the bottom cover to access all the easily removeable guts. Sadly, budgets keep us from buying the newest and greatest for all the schools at once. So I’ll be keeping my hex wrench and screw driver readily available.

From at data view, mobile laptops are a nightmare. Without joining them to a network server, we can’t be sure all a users files are backed up. They are easily stolen, left at home, dropped and attacked by cable-loving pets. In a county with 23 schools worth of teachers, I couldn’t imagine troubleshooting computers that I didn’t know what the base installed software/operating system was, assuming we also gave teachers free reign over their laptops like NETS*T programs do. When desktops break, we hook two computers up together and “clone” them from one another, solving 95% of software/operating system issues, leaving user data untouched thanks to a server.

Do we also need wireless access because of the nature of a laptop to be moved? I don’t think so. With no cheap solution to building wide wireless access, we struggle to keep up with 20% of a building’s faculty armed with ipods and laptops by installing . iPads have also been adding to that problem.

But is the problem really making the choice for teachers instead of offering it, maintaining the network for desktops and only doing troubleshooting and repairs for laptops without data management? It’s an interesting debate to follow, for sure.

Link: Okaloosa County Teachers
Link: Apple Store: Mac
Link: Teacher Laptops v Teacher Desktops on


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Google Docs Improvements Coming

Keep an eye on Google Docs. It’s about to get overhauled with a better word processor, faster spredsheets, a collaborative drawing tool. It should be live now if you click on on the ‘Editing’ tab.


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JESS3 / The State of The Internet on Vimeo

JESS3 / The State of The Internet on Vimeo on Vimeo

via JESS3 / The State of The Internet on Vimeo.


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