The 2014-2015 School Year is Here and We Are READY!

Be prepared for a great year!

  • Read Parent & Student Handbook
  • Check the new dress code
  • Get good rest  (8 hours is good)                                                                                        BacktoSchool
  • Eat breakfast at home or at school
  • Bring your school supplies & class schedule
  • Bring a positive attitude and
  • Set goals for your school year success!

See New Pence Post & Daily Announcements Under “Student/Parent Info”

Don’t miss the latest information in the “Daily Announcements” and the articles and dates for your calendar in the “Pence Post” (first issue at the end of 1st nine weeks).   Curser over “Student/Parent Info” tab and these newsy tabs drop down for you to click and view.

Cafeteria Menus

August Menus:

Breakfast        Lunch         Self-Serve Lunch